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Twin Cooling...

Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator – Flexibility with 5 modes
Ideal care for meat & fish

Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator

Extra flexibility with 5 modes


Extra flexibility with 5 modes

Fresher Food

Twin Cooling Plus™

Twin Cooling Plus™ technology cools the fridge and freezer compartments independently. It maintains a humidity level of up to 70% all over the fridge and prevents odors from mixing, so food stays fresher for longer.Fresher Food

Ideal care for meat & fish

Slide & Reach Pantry

The Slide & Reach Pantry is a separate storage drawer that’s ideal for preserving meat and fish. It keeps proteins at a lower temperature than the fridge for optimal freshness, flavour and texture.

Ideal care for meat & fish

Store large bottles

Gallon Guard

A Gallon Guard shelf in the door makes it easy to store large bottles or containers for drinks or condiments. It accommodates bottles of up to three litres and has two extra rows for cans.

Store large bottles

Choose your door’s direction

Reversible Door

Open the Reversible Door in the direction most convenient for your kitchen space. Change its direction by reversing the hinges, leaving no unsightly holes on the door.

Choose your door’s direction

Create ice or space

Optional Ice Maker

The Optional Ice Maker can be quickly and easily installed whenever you need to make and store ice. When it’s not fitted, you can use the same space for regular storage.

Make ice or space

Discreetly hidden display

Hidden Display

A Hidden Display completes a minimalist and modern look. The digital display control panel is discretely placed on the top shelf and is easily accessible.

Discreetly hidden display

LED Lighting

New LED lighting is softer and more energy efficient while brilliantly illuminating every corner.

Extra space. Extra comfort.

Store More

A large capacity vegetable box makes it easy to store and find everyday items, like fresh vegetables and fruit. The vegetable box is conveniently divided into two sections for better humidity control.

Store more vegetables

Clean and contemporary look

Sleek Design

The sleek design creates a clean and contemporary look that enhances your kitchen decor. The minimalist black stainless steel finish and striking flat front introduce an added level of sophistication.

Clean and contemporary look

Fingerprint resistant finish

Fingerprint resistant

Helps reduce smudges for an everyday great appearance.


  • Cooling Feature Cooling Feature
  • Net Weight (kg) 81  
  • 20/40/40H (Container) 18 / 42 / 42
  • Net Total (cu.ft) 17.6  

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