Freestanding Gas Convection Range - NX60A6511SS

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Gas Convection...

Gas Convection Range – NX60A6511SS – Air Fry
Fan Convection
Wi-Fi Connectivity & Voice Control
SmartThings Cooking

Gas Convection Range - NX60A6511SS

Premium look, solid durability

Premium Stainless Design

Give your kitchen a modern look. The oven's frame is made of stainless steel with flat and narrow bezels to keep the oven looking sleek and stylish while the solid metal edges provide added durability.

Shows a modern kitchen with the stylish, stainless steel oven fitting neatly into the design.

Enjoy better, crispy fried food

Air Fry

Enjoy better fried food with the Air Fry feature. With the purchase of an optional Air Fry tray, the hot air circulation envelops the food placed on the tray. It’s the ideal way to cook fried food as it eliminates excess fat, but everything is still crispy and brown outside and juicy inside.

Shows food being fried inside the oven using Air Fry, with only a small amount of oil, so it is crispy and brown outside.

* Air Fry tray sold separately

Even and thorough oven cooking or baking

Fan Convection

Save time and cook food more evenly with a Fan Convection system. A fan distributes heat all around the oven and keeps the temperature constant so dishes are cooked quickly and thoroughly.

Shows the fan at the back of the oven circulating heated air all around the oven, so that it surrounds a tray of food.

Powerful heat and precise control

18K BTU Double Burner

Cook dishes quickly and evenly using the powerful heat and precise control of the 18K Double Burner with two independent heating elements. It can rapidly go to a high heat for searing meat, like a steak, and boiling water in a flash. Or you can turn it down to a gentle simmer, which is ideal for melting chocolate or heating milk.

Shows the powerful 18K BTU Double Burner quickly bringing a pan of water to the boil.

Cook more in the large oven space

Large Capacity Oven

Create more or large dishes with a huge 6.0 cu. ft. capacity oven. You can prepare multiple dishes at once, or easily cook large items.

A close-up of the spacious inside of the oven with arrows illustrating its 6.0 cu. ft. capacity.

Simply Smarter Way to Cook

Wi-Fi Connectivity & Voice Control

Save time and do more with Wi-Fi Connectivity. Control the oven with your voice using a voice assistant¹, such as Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant². Or simply monitor and control the oven using the SmartThings App³.

Shows a person baking while controlling the oven with their voice using a smartphone app, such as Bixby and Google Assistant.

¹ A Wi-Fi connection is required
² Bixby is Samsung’s brand of artificial intelligence (AI) / Internet of Things (IoT) voice assistant. A Samsung Account is required. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are sold separately.
³ Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung Account are required.

Seamless and stress-free cooking experience

SmartThings Cooking

Make your kitchen experience less stressful. SmartThings Cooking¹ saves time and makes cooking more seamless. It can recommend personalised recipes, generate weekly meal plans, and you can even control your appliances using recipe instructions.

¹Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung Account are required.

Shows a recipe on a smartphone, with options to add to Favorites or a meal plan, check available food or buy ingredients.

No fingerprint marks or smudges

Fingerprint Resistant Finish

Make sure your oven looks spotlessly clean. A special Fingerprint Resistant Finish prevents surfaces from becoming covered in unsightly fingerprints and other marks and smudges.

Shows how the surface of the fridge stays free of fingerprints and smudges compared to a normal fridge.

Branded In-home Repair Service

More choice and flexibility service repair options.

Samsung Certified Technicians will set up a service time around your available schedule. Our skilled, experienced, and trained technicians will examine and repair your appliance in the comfort and safety of your home. Samsung’s Branded Technicians will arrive at your home with the appropriate PPE equipment, respectfully disinfecting your appliance before and after repairs and ultimately providing you with excellent customer service.

Learn more

To schedule a Branded In-home Repair, contact us via Chat, text WECARE (932 273), or call 1-800-SAMSUNG, to schedule an appointment.

* Samsung Branded In-home service is currently available in Montreal, Toronto, Cambridge, London, Windsor, and Vancouver with plans to expand into Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, and Winnipeg later in 2022.

Branded In-home Repair Service


  • Installation Type   Freestanding
  • Number of Burner   5 EA

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