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  • Price includes dining table and 6 chairs.
  • Grey solid wood extendable dining table.
  • Comfortable dining chairs...
  • Price includes dining table and 6 chairs.
  • Grey solid wood extendable dining table.
  • Comfortable dining chairs with grey fabric seats.

Extendable Wooden Dining Set

An extendable wooden dining set offers flexibility in accommodating varying numbers of diners while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of solid wood furniture.

Table: This extension feature might involve additional leaves or panels that can be inserted or unfolded, transforming the table from its standard size to a larger one, accommodating more people comfortably.

Chairs: The chairs in an extendable wooden dining set are designed to complement the table. They are often crafted from the same type of wood and designed with the same style elements as the table.

Finish: The wooden surfaces of the table and chairs are typically finished with protective coatings to preserve the wood's integrity,

Versatility: Extendable wooden dining sets offer versatility in dining arrangements. They can be kept compact for everyday use and extended when hosting larger gatherings or special occasions, making them an excellent choice for those who value both functionality and style.

Novel to the other assortment is the consolidation of breadboard leaves, a more customary kind of table leaf that joins to the finishes of the table as opposed to the more commonplace place leaf. You can spruce up this assortment with rich upholstered seats, or keep it relaxed with straightforward, strong wood farmhouse seats.

A few models in this gathering consolidate steel components which truly add to the modern edge of this assortment. Space likewise makes a few glass table choices for a blend of natural and contemporary styles. The assortment is a magnificent choice for making tweaked eating sets at a lower cost range. Somewhat more restricted in variety, size, and seat style choices there are a few dazzling completed to browse. The greatest distinction with this assortment is that main the table tops . Seat seats are strong birches, and seat casings and table legs or bases are developed from hardwood. Though different assortments are totally strong birch. Holding the strength and nature of different assortments, utilizing the imported hardwood keeps costs lower on this assortment.

Table dimensions - 77 X 42 X 30"H

Chair - 19 X 18 X 38"H

Extendable Dining set

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