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Black Samsung...

Black Samsung ME11A7710DG Microwave – Space you want, power you need
Space-saving design
Powerful suction capacity

Black Samsung ME11A7710DG Microwave

Space you want, power you need

Space saving design, spacious capacity

Slim Design

Enhance the look of your kitchen with the slim design of the slim OTR. It fits into the same space as an undercabinet hood meaning you can maximize your food preparation space by moving your microwave off the countertop. While slim, it still has a sizeable 1.1 cu. ft. capacity that will easily hold cooking utensils of various sizes, including tall glasses, wide plates and big bowls.

Shows the OTR fitted above a cooktop with vertical arrows illustrating the extra space that is created by its slim design. Looking inside the OTR its 1.1 cu. ft. capacity is highlighted in text and different sized items are shown in the oven: a cup of coffee, a pasta dish and a large casserole.

Powerful suction capacity

550CFM suction capacity

Ensure a more comfortable cooking environment with effective ventilation. The underside of the OTR features a Power Ventilation system that refreshes the air you breathe. Its superb over-the-range CFM hood output, at 550 cu.ft. per minute suction capacity gets rid of steam, fumes and unpleasant odours quickly.

Shows the hood underneath the OTR with arrows illustrating how fumes and steam are captured as they rise from the food being prepared on the cooktop below.

Slim but powerful

1000W Microwave Power

Despite having a compact design, the mircrowave packs an impressive output power of 1000W. It cooks quickly and evenly, which saves you time and energy. It also gives you added flexibility, as you can be sure that even large dishes are cooked thoroughly.

Shows a pasta dish being cooked inside the OTR with the output power of 1100W highlighted in text above it.

Less grease and oil

Wide Grease Filter

The Dual Wide Grease Filter is larger than normal filters, and with two filters in the slim OTR, it helps to trap more airborne dirt and oil particles*, improving the hood’s performance by ensuring that it stays clean and keeps the air fresh while you cook.

*Based on laboratory testing in comparison to Samsung's conventional OTR

Shows a close up of the OTR's Dual Wide Grease Filter with arrows illustrating its increased width. The text shows that the largest size filter of a conventional Samsung OTR has dimensions of 13 3/8 x 5 7/8 inches and a capacity of 0.5ft². The Slim OTR has dimensions of 11 7/16 x 9 1/2 inches and a much larger capacity of 1.5ft².

Bright, Energy efficient lighting

Bar LED Cooktop lighting

See what you’re cooking easily. Bar LED Cooktop Lighting spreads light evenly over your entire cooktop and is 59% brighter on average* than Samsung's conventional OTR. It is also highly energy efficient, so it uses less power than halogen lighting**.

Shows a cooktop with food cooking in two pans. The left side is illuminated by conventional lighting and is quite dark. The right side is illuminated by Bar LED Cooktop Lighting and is much brighter, so it is easier to see what is cooking.

* Based on internal testing, comparing the Slim Over-The-Range microwave with Samsung’s standard Over-The-Range Microwave . The brightness of the Slim Over-The-Range microwave is 428.6 lux on average, while Samsung’s standard Over-The-Range Microwave is 113.5 lux on average. **Comparison between traditional incandescents, Halogen Incandescents, CFLs, and LEDs, Natural Resources Canada

Effortless Control

Voice Control & Wifi Connectivty

Turn the OTR on or off and adjust settings with your voice using a voice recognition assistant¹, such as Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant². Using the SmartThings App³ you can also monitor and adjust settings or controls through your phone.

Shows a person cooking while controlling the OTR with their voice using a smartphone app, such as Samsung Bixby and Google Assistant.

¹ A Wi-Fi connection is required ² Bixby is Samsung’s brand of artificial intelligence (AI) / Internet of Things (IoT) voice assistant. A Samsung Account is required. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are sold separately. ³ SmartThings app available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung Account are required.

Turn on and off together

Hood Auto Connectivity

Auto Connectivity function¹ lets you pair the hood with a compatible Samsung range², allowing you to control the hood using the controls from the range³. Turn everything on and off with one touch, so the hood fan and LED lighitng can automatically come on when you start to cook.

¹ Via SmartThings App, available Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung Account are required. ² ME11A7510D Slim OTR hood connectivity is compatible with NE63T, NX60T,NY63T, NE63A, NX60A series ranges.

Shows the OTR above a cooktop with a dotted line and a wireless symbol illustrating that they can be automatically paired and jointly controlled using the cooktop controls.

No unsightly marks

Fingerprint Resistant Stainlesss Steel

Keep your appliance looking neat and clean. A special Fingerprint Resistant Finish prevents surfaces from becoming covered in unsightly fingerprints and other marks and smudges.

How to measure


  • Power Consumption (Microwave) 1500 W
  • Installation Type OTR
  • Display Type Mono LCD
  • Outside (WxHxD) 29 7/8" x 10 3/4" x 19 1/8

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